Additional Services

    • Hail Damage

    T3 Roofing are experts at identifying hail related damage to all types of residential roofing systems.

    Hail forms in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of which cause damage to roofing and other exterior components. Hail damage is often impossible to observe from the ground and may require a close inspection to identify, particularly during the period immediately following a storm event. A roof can sustain hail damage regardless of its age or condition. Although a roof can take years to begin leaking from storm damage, insurance coverage is payable upon identification of damage. Most insurance companies enforce time limits in which claims can be filed to avoid liability for additional interior damage expenses from leaking storm damaged roofs. The insurance carriers prefer a qualified professional contractor to verify damage before a claim is filed to prevent unnecessary claims. T3 Roofing Project Managers are trained to identify storm damage in accordance with industry standards and are available to provide a free comprehensive analysis.

    • Insurance Claims

    T3 Roofing knows how to navigate the insurance claims world and will be your advocate from start to finish through the claims process.

    T3 Roofing provides homeowners, with extensive industry experience and the ability to provide you free representation and assistance with storm damage claims. We provide complimentary damage analysis of the entire property which insurance companies recommend obtaining prior to filing a claim. We remove the burden from our customers having to deal with insurance claims adjusters, by providing a single point of contact for insurance claim settlement and facilitating the repairs for all components of a storm-damaged property, not just the roof. T3 Project Managers are well trained in insurance adjustment procedures and are standing by to meet and assist your insurance adjuster at your home during the initial damage appraisal or any necessary re-inspections. We have found that by finalizing discrepancies prior to commencement of repairs we minimize out-of-pocket expense and frustration without sacrificing the quality of the installation for our customers.