Residential Roofing Services in Denver, CO

T3 Roofing can guide homeowners through the process of roof replacement or repair an existing one. Whether you are looking to make a cosmetic change, have hail or weather related damage, the experts at T3 Roofing can help. Our Roofing Contractors are experienced at installing all types of residential roof systems throughout Denver Colorado. When considering a roofing contractor look no further than T3 Roofing – We are known for providing high quality roofs at an affordable price. Let T3 Roofing take you through a step-by- step process, in order to determine what roofing system and material would be best for your home.

T3 Roofing offers a wide array of roofing choices, as well as free estimates. After a severe weather storm, it is always best to have a professional inspect your roof. T3 Roofing knows what to look for to fix and prevent future roof damages. We only use the highest quality materials, to ensure you have a long lasting roof for many years to come. Some of the roofing systems we supply include:

    • Asphalt/Architectural Roof Shingles

    Asphalt Roof Shingles can provide a home with a little more than a decade of protection. Asphalt Roof shingles have been used by homeowners for over a century, Read More

    • Clay/Concrete Roof Tile

    A great option to match your Spanish, Italian, or southwestern home is concrete or clay tile roofing. Clay, and concrete tile roofing require minimal maintenance, Read More

    • Metal Roofs

    These provide longevity, safety, and durability. Depending on the material used, some roofs can last a lifetime. Metal roofs are also rated quite well against fire, Read More

    • Wood Shakes

    Wood shakes provide a very natural look, while helping insulate your home’s attic. Wood shakes are a very progressive option and are potentially recyclable. Read More